Route The Inquisition in Granada. The Faith put on trial

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Guided tour on The Inquisition in Granada. The Faith put on trial
Route on The Inquisition in Granada
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The meeting point will be the Plaza de Santo Domingo, in front of the church.

Guided tour on The Inquisition in Granada. The Faith put on trial
About La Inquisición en Granada. La Fe sometida a juicio

There are many legends, myths and stories that surround everything that surrounds the Spanish Inquisition with mystery and cruelty. Sensationalism turns its gaze to harsh torture, blood and death in dark dungeons. These are the stigmas most associated with her, and therefore just by saying her name, it seems that everything is dyed black, cold, dark and controversial.

This specialized guided tour of high quality, aims to analyze and break down all the events and characters linked to this "Holy Tribunal" in the city of Granada, with the aim of clarifying and providing light from the historical documents that specialists have been able to analyze from 1840, the year in which what had been preserved from the inquisitorial archives was publicly opened.

Thus two currents of historiographical thought emerge: one conservative and one liberal, both opposed in their conclusions. The conservative was led by the work of Menéndez Pelayo "History of the Spanish heterodox" (1882), defending that the Inquisition was the institution that stabilized Spain, maintaining the unity and socioeconomic balance of Spanish society; while the most liberal position is found in "History of the Spanish Inquisition" (1907) by the American historian Henry Charles Lea, with a negative view due to the harmful and castrating influence of the evolution of freedoms and progress.

We will know the origin of the "Black Legend"; the instruments and techniques of torture that were used in the Modern Age; the main crimes of heresy: Judaizers, Islamizers, Lutherans, lighting, sorcery and witchcraft, blasphemy, sodomy, bigamy, solicitations or propositions; the Autos de Fe, which were held in today's serene and tourist plaza Bibrambla; burners; sambenitos and humiliations in public processions; secret prisons; the persecution of Jewish converts and Moors.

To know the history of Granada from a new perspective, that of an institution of latent and constant ideological control, which configured and conditioned the public and private way of life of the people of Granada and the Spaniards for 350 years.

Language available for the route: Spanish.